You are a Divine Human: Finding Your Unique Purpose with Matthew John

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? All of us have! Without a clear sense of purpose, one can feel lost, confused and even depressed. For those of us that are Starseeds, we may feel an innate sense that we have an important mission to fulfill on this planet — yet we may find it difficult to put our finger on exactly what that purpose is.
Internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John is living his divine purpose as a Starseed on this planet and he works daily with Lightworkers from around the world, assisting them in finding their purpose.

We connect on:
- How to define purpose from a Multiversal perspective
- Why us Starseeds come to this planet in the first place
- How to figure out your specific karma and Life Lessons
- How to figure out your specific Service Work
- How to integrate your Service Work with the rest of your life so that you are financially abundant and a healthy, well-rounded person
- Where to look for purpose in your natal chart
- How to feel a deeper sense of purpose in your daily life


Matthew John

About Emily Ghosh Emily Ghosh Harris is an intuitive guide, multidimensional business mentor, podcast host and founder of Soul Media.

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