TribeX NFT with The Architect, Dimitri Linton

I was excited to mint one of the TribeX NFT’s on launch. And then the unthinkable happened. 400 ETH stolen from the minting wallet of the founders. I immediately listed my NFT on OpenSea because I just did not have the energy to go through the whole FUD and rug broken record again.

Instead of the founders disappearing, giving up, going dark and/or throwing in the towel, these founders stayed and fought. They were not going gently into the night. They would persevere. They would prevail.

After a series of consistent Discord AMA’s and Twitter Spaces, I delisted my NFT and then relisted it at 1000 ETH. In other words, “I’m not leaving” to quote Leo in the Wolf of Wall Street.

If they’re not leaving…I’M NOT LEAVING!!!

Today at 1pm EDT, I’ll have the Architect on the show to talk about this story and of course the NFT collection. And yes, they’ll be giving away a TribeX NFT and yes, I’ll be doing the drawing for one of Ali Sabet’s NFT’s from last week’s show.

Subscribe to the show at and then paste your username in the giveaways channel in my discord at You will need to own 1 $JAFFE coin in order to access the show channels and you can do that at

Watch full episodes at

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