The Theory of Racelessness with Dr Sheena Mason

The last time I discussed race on this show was with Dr Robin DiAngelo and I found myself on Greg Gutfeld’s show on Fox News. I mean I wasn’t “on” per se, as Greg and his panel were showing and discussing clips from my show.
Next time ask for permission, ok?

I wonder if he’ll be watching on Monday at a special time of 10am EST when I sit down with Dr Sheena Mason, author of the upcoming book, “Theory of Racelessness: A Case For Antirace(ism)”

I’m not going to lie…I don’t know if I fully understand all the theory behind it, but that’s why I have the author on the show to explain!

We’ll discuss unifying and healing, and together…we can do anything!

Then Gregarious Narain will provide his weekly segment on entrepreneurship and selling.

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