The Real Mental Health Issue!

In this video I want to talk about the mental health epidemic in America, and what the real mental health issue is, and no It’s not the one you hear about on the news all the time either.
Some people are going to watch this and think I’m cold hearted.
Maybe I am…

The truth is cold hearted. The truth doesn’t care about your feelings or what society thinks about it. It’s just true.

We have a mental health epidemic in America. It’s not the one you hear about on the news all the time either.

We have a mental health issue that can be fixed but without the will power to fix it, it will never go away.

Recently I was smack dab in the middle between the most elite people on Earth and their exact opposites. It got me to thinking, which led me to making this video.

Bottom line is that we have a choice and the choices you make lead to the outcome you live.

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About Ryan Stewman
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