The Professional Hobo with Nora Dunn

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Joe Pulizzi and Brian Clark on their inaugural cex (Creator Economy Expo), May 2–4 at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

During the month of April, I’ll have several of their keynote speakers on the show, where I’ll get to know them a little better and also tease them to share some “alpha” on their upcoming talk.

Kicking it off with Nora Dunn, the Professional Hobo.

Join me at 1pm EDT today for a wonderful conversation on digital nomads, remote working, dancing with a 10-foot sandwich and Ayahuasca!

P.S. the connection gets a little wonky around the 33–44m mark, but it’s worth sticking around for!

…but wait, there’s more: if you register for the event ( with code JAFFE or NOTFAMOUS, you’ll get $200 off your fee PLUS two unique, experiential bonuses:
1. A walk on appearance on a live taping of my show on either May 3 or 4 (feel free to plug anything you want!)
2. Private drinks meet up with me (on me) at the event.

The event is going to be awesome! Besides just getting together IRL and meeting up with so many people we’ve only interacted with virtually, the speaker lineup includes the one and only Ann Handley, Dan Pink, Jeremiah Owyang, Roberto Blake, Brian Fanzo and many more!

So tune in over the month of April and make the move to attend. You can register at

I can’t wait to meet you and hang out together!!!

#JosephJaffe #NoraDunn #Motivation



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