Strategic Influence with Gary Laney

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Today’s show is sponsored by Alpha Collective, a premium community that helps corporates and degens partner and win at the business of Web3. Alpha Collective is now minting and you can purchase your “First Customer” membership pass — only 100 available — at for $2500 via Fiat or Crypto. For under $50/month, you can access 52 Alpha Talks delivered by 52 incredible Alpha Talk speakers over 52 consecutive weeks…and much, much more.
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The world may change at an unimaginable rate and pace but people continuously forget some things never change. Business fundamentals. Timeless, tested and proven best practices. The Golden Rule.

Today at 1pm EST, Gary Laney and myself will discuss influence, leadership and the number 3. You’ll get insight into strategic influencer, authentic and integrity-based leadership and how this can help steer a ship during turbulent times and waters.

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