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2 min readMar 12, 2022
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This show is literally the moment I think WAGMI or at least this show is going to make it, and I am happy to be interviewing my good friend Tim Redmond!
I’d never met Tim Redmond before and the Chemistry, which is obvious, is a testament to Tim (what a great guy), but equally to the idea of finding your (my) authentic voice and level of both comfort and sense of self.

In this episode (which we prerecorded but will air at 1pm EST on Monday), we’ll talk about growth and not being slave to your business, but rather being liberated by it…or through it.

Remember, “the road to success is always under construction!”

Have any questions for Tim or just want a shoutout on air? You can potentially ask your question live or get a shoutout using $JAFFE coins which you can purchase via my creator coin link: I’ll also be giving away $JAFFE coins every episode to viewers who tune in live.

NFT Giveaway:

You can win a Girlie NFT (valued at around .11 ETH) by following these instructions:
1. Subscribe to Joseph Jaffe is not Famous at and paste your YouTube username in the giveaways channel on the show’s discord: (you’ll have to join and verify)
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3. Follow both @jaffejuice and @GirliesNFT on Twitter to see if you won!

Drawing will be done on Friday, March 11th show (1pm EST)

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