Leah Steele — Deconstruction Financial Slavery In Women

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Welcome to the Help Me Rhonda Show my name is Rhonda Swan, today we will be interviewing Leah Steele who is the host of the Wealth Witch Podcast
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The Wealth Witch Podcast is hosted by wealth alchemist, soul diviner, and spiritual business coach, Leah Steele. This podcast is designed for people ready to deconstruct their wealth programming and reclaim their financial destinies, she does this by sharing her cutting-edge wealth repatterning strategies to help those ready to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire.

In this interview, Leah explains how in society we are all born into a form of financial slavery, she also believes that women are the foundation of the collective and that we are the most powerful creators in the collective, and how now is the time to show the world that women can step into their divine birthright.

The initial programming and condition come from within our DNA as we carry it ancestrally, as it has been proven that we carry up to seven generations of ancestral DNA in our bodies, and that is why the programming and conditing comes down to us through our ancestors.

Many of our grandparents all went through the great depression, they were hiding money and this all plays a huge role in how women talk about wealth in general. The programming and conditioning we have about money really hold us back from reaching our true infinite potential.

00:00 Introduction Clip
00:14 Introduction of Leah Steele
0:45 What is Deconstructing Financial Slavery in Women?
2:17 More about Deconstructing Financial Slavery in Women
3:07 What is the programming and conditioning of Women
5:11 How do you get women on opening themselves up?
7:10 Moving to collective age
9:00 Where does the contribution of women to GDP derived?
10:12 Biography of Leah
12:54 What is Wealth Witch?
14:40 How do you see things are going with Deconstructing Financial Slavery on Women?
16:25 How do we as powerful women now have powerful relationships?18:24 Book about when women are supported by masculine it allows them to create.
20:14 Top 3 things from Leah to open up women minds to start deconstructing financial slavery
22:03 Books of Leah
23:12 wealth repatterning program
23:42 Where to find Leah
23:56 Advice of Leah to the audience on what to do next.
26:05 Small strategies for women in the basic level
27:01 Rituals to start dropping in deconstruction financial slavery in women
28:00 Gratitude to Leah
28:19 Wrap up”

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