Hyper-Effective Quantum Healing with Ali Sabet

In this video I have the opportunity to interview Ali Sabet where we get to talk about hyper-effective quantum healing.

Now that I’ve got your attention, join me at a special time of 3pm EDT today for NFT Fridays with artist and designer, Ali Sabet.

I’ve been fortunate to buy into his incredible NFT art and he is just get started in terms of playing at the intersection of art and technology.

Today we’ll discuss Web3 opportunities, possibilities and why it’s so important to retain the ultimate humility when it comes to declaring expertise in this nascent arena. Oh and Hyper-Effective Quantum Healing of course!

…and yes, Sabet will be giving away one of his spectacular NFT’s (plus I’ll be doing the drawing for a Gratitude Gang Seed of Gratitude NFT) Check out the giveaways channels in my discord (bit.ly/notfamousdiscord) for more information

Join us!

Watch full episodes at youtube.com/c/josephjaffeisnotfamous.

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