How To Improve Your Memory and Unleash Your Super Brain | Jim Kwik & Tamsen Fadal

Jim Kwik is the author of “Limitless” and is giving us secrets on how to improve your memory.
He is the world’s #1 brain coach and author of “Limitless.” If you want to improve your memory and keep your brain young, join me and Jim Kwik for this incredible conversation.

About Tamsen:
✅Tamsen Fadal inspires women, particularly women at mid-life, to unlock their bold toward more successfully creating meaningful change in their lives. Thirteen-time Emmy Award-winning newscaster, podcaster, self-help author and champion of women in their prime, Tamsen is an experienced guide helping women move past their fears to powerfully building new, bolder possibilities for this time in their lives.

✅A New York City evening news anchor for over a decade, Tamsen Fadal knows that change happens all the time — in our careers, in relationships, in our health and outlook on life as we age. Through the years, she has gathered a community of thought leaders, inspirational women who are building bold lives, experts in health, wellness and change — sharing her wisdom and theirs with those who follow her about living more successfully through transitions.

✅Tamsen is no stranger to dealing with fear and change. She lost both her mother and stepmother to breast cancer, and, lived through a very public divorce. Based on these experiences, Tamsen authored The New Single: Finding, Fixing and Falling in Love with Yourself for all the women who have experienced loss and found themselves challenged to move beyond their own fears. Tamsen focuses on supporting women to make important changes, at any age, with grace and confidence.

✅She is an encouraging voice and source of knowledge for women asking the question: What’s Next? In her weekly podcast, Coming Up Next, Tamsen brings experts and thought leaders in aging, menopause, relationships, and beauty to her audience to provide new insights and encouragement to own your BOLD and to activate it to create the life that you want.

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