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In this video I want to talk to you about how to become a top closer for your business today!
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When I got into sales, the first thing I did was commit to becoming the top closer in the company I worked for. I was willing to learn, do the work and make it happen. I went all in and did everything in my personal power to make it happen. And it did!

Being the top closer in any company is not as hard as it seems. I have walked into companies with bigger teams, long term employees and still beat all the records. Sales is a state of mind, not an employment opportunity.

I have always treated every sales job I had, as if it’s my last chance to do something big and if I didn’t become #1, I might as well not even have taken the job. This has always kept me competitive, enthusiastic and on fire for what I sell. I make it my mission to evangelize the prospects with my brand.

In this video I get into the technicalities of being a top closer. A lot of it has to deal with learning technology and becoming a master at lead generation. When you can generate your own leads and close your own sales, you become the most powerful salesman there is.

To generate lead without going through a huge technology learning curve, sign up for PhoneSites at http://phonesites.com and you’ll be able to create a lead generating sales funnel in a matter of minutes. Enjoy the video and implement what you learn.

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About Ryan Stewman
I’ve never had a salaried job my entire life. I’ve never taken a paid vacation or been paid for a sick day. I’ve lived my whole life on commission only.

With over 30,000 sales under my belt I’m one of the most qualified sales trainers on the planet. I literally came up to millionaire status from having only $25 to my name.

I am a 5X best selling author, contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and many more major publications. I am CEO of 8 different companies and full time family guy.

I make these videos to help salespeople like you. Be sure and share this video with someone who needs to see it.

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