Got FOMO That You Missed CEX? I Got You! LIVE from the Floor Day 3

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Yesterday was awesome. A ton of people came on and I didn’t even get to deliver my soliloquy but I will today…maybe!

Join us live at 12.45pm Phoenix Time (PST) with no doubt some special guests!

Plus free $JAFFE coin for all!!!

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Join my discord at, go to botcommands channel and type /join to get your roles based on holding $JAFFE coin (

Hold 1 $JAFFE to become a “regular.” You’ll gain access to all the show channels, including calendar of upcoming guests, bios, access to pre-tapings, aftershows, the ability to ask question to upcoming guests and more

Hold 10 $JAFFE for the “fan” role and free $JAFFE every day on the show as well as get a neverending entry into weekly NFT raffles (until you win!)

Hold 25 $JAFFE to get the “insider” role and access to my daily shownotes and episode summaries (including video)

Hold 50 $JAFFE and get the “VIP” role. You now have backstages passes to hang with me and my guest before a show

Hold 100 $JAFFE and get the “superfan” role. You’ll join me for monthly calls to discuss the show (past, present, future roadmaps) and how it can benefit you as a creator, communicator or corporate citizen. You’ll also have opportunities to recommend guests and come on the show to ask them a question LIVE.

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