Cultivating Inner Confidence to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with Ashton August

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This soul share with author, speaker and Yogi Approved Founder Ashton August explores how confidence and mindset are integral elements to bringing forward any big dreams which are on our heart’s to create.

We connect on:

Ashton’s morning routine + movement routine
Cultivating inner confidence to bring forward big dreams
Creating a personal credo
Stepping outside of your comfort zone and dreaming big
Overcoming doubts and developing an unstoppable mindset
Merging passions into a spiritual business that has impacted millions
Tips for living a vanlife and traveling arouond the world
Spiritual tools to stay grounded, balanced and inspired

Ashton August is the Founder and Content Director of, a leading yoga and wellness digital magazine. She is also the Founder of YA Classes, an online yoga and fitness membership platform that plants a food-producing tree for farming communities in West Africa for every class a member completes.


Ashton August

Emily Ghosh Harris is an intuitive guide, multidimensional business mentor, podcast host and founder of Soul Media.

@EmilyGhoshHarris (IG)

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