Chibi Nation is taking over the World with Chibi Labs founder, Mat Sposta

I can’t wait to welcome founder of Chibi Labs, Mat Sposta on NFT Friday’s at 1pm EST where we will talk about how the Chibi Nation is taking over the world!
My Chibi Galaxy NFT was one of my first I ever purchased and I can’t wait to ask Mat why my little alien is naked.

Chibi is becoming a really intriguing brand. With Genesis, Apes, Friends, Galaxy collections (I’m sure I got something wrong), Chibi is an NFT OG. They’re doing airdrops, having parties in the Metaverse AND just signed a deal with Verizon.

We’ll talk about all of this, as well as accountability in the web3 space, risk assets, correlation across markets…and Doodles!

Listen carefully because you WILL learn a thing or two about a thing or two!

Plus Chibi is kindly giving away an NFT and here’s what you need to do to qualify:
1. Subscribe to my show on YouTube (
2. Paste your YouTube username in the giveaways channel in my discord (
3. Join Chibi
4. Follow @jaffejuice and @ChibiLabs on Twitter (so we can let you know if you won!)

…and while you’re at, purchase one on OpenSea: or

Plus everyone’s favorite evangelist, Fanzo!

Have any questions for Mat or just want a shoutout on air? You can potentially ask your question live or get a shoutout using $JAFFE coins which you can purchase via my creator coin link: I’ll also be giving away $JAFFE coins every episode to viewers who tune in live.

By buying my limited-edition NFT, you’ll get an e-book, as well as access to pre-tapings and after shows. Find out at

Watch full episodes at

Subscribe at

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