Alpha Share: The Never-Ending Ticket Use Case

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Want some Alpha? OK, here it is. Every week as part of the Alpha Collective offering, we’ll be providing a deep dive into a Web3 use case — whether it’s past, present or proposed — we’ll deep dive, dissect, deconstruct and discover what worked, what didn’t and what might work moving forward.

Today, I have my friend Joe Pulizzi coming on to talk about his Never-ending Ticket for his CEX event.

We’ll spend 30 minutes or so discussing the genesis, roll-out, current and future state.

He’ll probably sell a few more as a direct result of this (maybe even to you!)

Moreover, you’ll get a pretty good overview of how to execute something like this for you and your business.

This one is with my compliments. You’re welcome!

Moving forward, you’ll need a pass :)

Join the Alpha Collective for one every single week. Visit to learn more, sign up for e-mail alerts, including minting date and a chance to win a membership pass.

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