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2 min readAug 18, 2022
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In this video I will be giving you a walkthrough of 2341 Roswell Ave, located in 90815 Long Beach, California one of the many properties here at The Andy Dane Carter Group!


Thank you for watching this video. I’m honored you took some time out of your life to spend it with me. I hope that you keep up with the new videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your thoughts with your friends that need it.

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Andy Dane Carter is passionate about people and real estate. He’s committed to helping people thrive in their businesses and investment power so they can be in alignment with their SUCCESS mindset. Andy’s UNLOCK NOW program is a platform to support your MINDSET with knowledge that gains leverage in your true potential for investing in your legacy.

For me, real estate is fun. It’s exciting, it’s scary. It’s all of these things all rolled into one and it’s an amazing way to build wealth, generational wealth, that could change your children’s-children’s lives. I have successfully bought, sold, built, developed, flipped, held for my investors, bought for my investors over half a billion dollars in real estate. I’ve done this from stuff that’s 30 to 40 thousand, all the way up to multiple millions of dollars and everything in between. But my biggest accomplishment is not in my financial success, not in how much money I have in the bank and not how many properties I own, my biggest accomplishment is my family.

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Andy Dane Carter is a business author, real estate expert, investment strategist, and entrepreneurial coach with a passion to help people succeed to their highest potential.

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